Super Angel Juicer Super Angel
All-Stainless Steel Juicer

Brand New in Factory-Sealed Box
with 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The new Super Angel juicer models replaces the older 5500, 7500 and 8500 models which were discontinued in 2014. The new models includes upgraded components: Anti-jamming sensor with automatic speed controls, jam auto-reverse, main board, thermal sensor and internal cooling system.


Super Angel Juicer DeluxeThe Super Angel will easily make great-tasting and super nutritious juice out of just about any produce. From carrots and apples to wheatgrass, leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, and even seeds, the Super Angel Juicer is the ideal machine to handle the toughest juicing jobs. Super Angel's technology, quality and constant exhaustive innovation places it as the top in the industry. Every single part is made with the highest quality material and excellent workmanship.

The revolutionary, all stainless steel design incorporates a twin gear impeller press system that rotates powerfully at a low 82 RPM (the ideal speed), while ensuring maximum enzyme and nutrient retention. Whether you are juicing for one person or for a whole family, the Super Angel Juicer is versatile enough for everyone. The Super Angel's exclusive antibacterial stainless steel gears generate no heat or shock so you can get the highest quality extraction of nutrients and live enzymes with minimal oxidation.

The Super Angel features a two-stage twin gear system for efficient juice extraction. Stage one applies concentrated pressure to the fruits or vegetables. Stages two grinds and continuously processes the food, producing very dry pulp and more juice. In addition, the three-stage screen filters maximize pure juice yield resulting in almost 20 to 30% more juice extracted compared to other juicers. The Super Angel Juicer also has the easiest, simplest clean up compared to any other twin gear juicer.

With rigorous, heavy-duty construction, the all stainless steel body of the Super Angel is a master crafted, hand-built masterpiece. The Super Angel antibacterial solid stainless steel gears that provide 3 HP of grinding force.

The Super Angel is significantly more user friendly than other twin gear juicers, removing the need for pulp pressure controls and offering easier assembly and disassembly. You will love this beautiful, precision engineered machine.

The Super Angel is not just another juicer - The Super Angel Juicer is the pinnacle of quality and work performance, both in name and reality.

Differences Between the 4 Models:
1) PRO & PLUS: The PRO model includes the anti-jamming auto reverse feature where the same process will be done manually on the PLUS. Both models are made of SUS-304 high quality food grade stainless steel.

2) PRO & DELUXE: The Deluxe model includes the extra Soft Fruit Extracting Housing. Both models are made of SUS-304 high quality food grade stainless steel.

3) PRO & PREMIUM DELUXE: Only two (2) major parts of the Premium Deluxe model are made of SUS-316 surgical grade stainless steel: The Twin Gears (augers) & Standard Extracting Housing. The remaining other parts of Premium Deluxe model are made of 304 high quality food grade stainless steel. The Premium Deluxe model does not include the extra Soft Fruit Extracting Housing.

Difference between Food Grade and Surgical Grade stainless steel is the chemical composition of the stainless steel alloy:
SUS-304 (Food grade): Chromium 18%, Nickel 8%
SUS-316 (Surgical grade): Chromium 16%, Nickel 10%, Molybdenum 2%,
SUS-316 surgical grade stainless steel is more resistant to sea salt, sea water and de-icing salts.
The above two kinds of stainless steel grades are safe, will not leach, will not react with food, will not rust.


Super Angel Juicer Parts


  • Motor: 180 Watt, 120 Volt, 60 Hz
  • Grinding Force: 3 HP
  • RPM (Twin Gear): 86 RPM
  • Chute Opening: 1.7"
  • Twin Gears: 8-3/8" Long x 2-3/8" Diameter
  • Unit Weight: 20.8 lbs
  • Unit Dimension: 19.5"L x 7.75"W x 10.5"H
  • Shipping Weight: 28 lbs
  • Shipping Dimension (outer box): 22"L x 10.5"W x 15"H
  • Twin Gears: Antibacterial, Solid Stainless Steel Gears (sus-304)
  • Reverse Turning Safety Features: Easily clear the foods if overloaded or jammed
  • Overheat Sensor: Automatic motor thermostat prevents motor from overheating
  • Switch: Soft touch switch, Start-Off-Reverse
  • Quiet Operation: Powerful motor with specially designed fan cooling system
  • Juicing Capability: Fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, sprouts, herbs
  • Versatility: Soy Bean Juice, Tofu, Frozen Fruit Sorbet, Nut Butters
  • Continuous Juicing: Twin gear system enables continuous juicing
  • Pulp Ejection: Automatic, continuous by press system of twin gears
  • Operation Time: Suggested 10 minutes rest per every 30 to 40 minutes of use
  • 10 year warranty: Motor, Twin Gears, Switch Panel, Circuit Board, Screen Scraper (Cleaning Knife), Fan, Power Cord, Splash Guard (Screen Cover)
  • 5 year warranty (Wear & Tear) : Extracting Screen Housing (Standard, Nut butter)

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