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Q. What Is The Difference Between The Omega VRT330 And VRT330 HD?

A. Visit our Omega Juicers Comparison Chart to see the differences. But in short, the Omega VRT 330 HD's Fine Screen and Auger are made from GE Ultem material for superior strength. But the Omega VRT330 is $50 cheaper and available in 110V and 220V (VRT330 HD is only available in 110V). Everything else on these two machines is the same.

Q. What Is The Difference Between The Omega VRT350 and VRT350 HD?

A. There is only one model; the Omega VRT350 (or "VRT352" for the 220V model). The company does not use the letters "HD" in the official name because there is no such thing as a VRT350 or VRT352 without HD. They only make it with the GE Ultem ("HD") screen. This causes some confusion because the VRT330 comes in an HD model as well as a non-HD model. However, this is not the case with the VRT350/VRT352.

Q. Is GreenStar Worth The Extra Money Vs The Omega 8000 Series?

A. If money was not a factor, I would go with the Green Star. It performs better with soft fruit, which is one thing we've had complaints for regarding the Omega 8000 series. The Omega 8000s are great for hard food and leafy greens but they don't do well with an orange or soft (not crunchy) apple, for example. The Omega 8000 series handles fibrous food very well. It's pretty rare for them to clog up. We include a free soft fruit knob with the Green Star so you can use it to juice pretty much any food.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Auger Masticating Juicers and Centrifugal Juicers?

A. Centrifugal juicers use centrifugal force to separate the pulp from the juice. These are usually high energy machines with spinning blades that separates the pulp and juice as it grinds down the produce. These juicers often do not require pre-cutting fruits and vegetables as the mouth openings are much larger compared to slow auger juicers. But the downside is the spinning blades oxidizes juices more reducing the total overall nutrients and shelf life of the juice (though the difference is minimal). Customers often choose the centrifugal juicers to meet time demands since they are much faster at juicing. They do not yield as much for leafy greens and wheat grass compared to slow juicers.

Auger based slow juicers are almost always better overall compared to centrifugal juicers except in one category - time. Very few, if any, slow juicers have an opening large enough for a whole apple like a centrifugal juicer does. Sometimes even carrots have to be cut in order to fit. However, their speed is also a benefit - reducing the overall oxidation and yielding more juice for hard/soft fruits and vegetables as well as leafy greens makes it the go to choice for people who have the time.

Q: What Juicer Would We Recomend?

A. For personal use I actually ended up getting two juicers. I started with the Omega 8006 Slow Juicer which I bought for $300. A few months later we decided to get the Omega Mega Mouth BMJ330 centrifgual juicer as well. The reason we ended up getting both, and continue to use both, is becasuse they both serve their own purpose. When I want to make a big batch of green juice, I go with the 8006. It takes a while but its worth it. When I want to do apple juice, or vegitable juice like V8, I use the BMJ330 because its just so much faster.

Q:Which Vitamix Model Should I Buy To Get Consistently Smooth Blending?

I'm looking for advice on which VitaMix model to buy. It's for home use but want to be able to make smoothies (with ice), frozen fruit, margaritas, etc that are consistent, blend smoothly and the machine will hold up over time with regular use. Most blenders I have tried have broken or leave chunks of ice and take forever to blend.

I have been looking at the BarBoss, BarBoss Advance, TurboBlend and commercial grade drink machine. Can you provide some advice and pros/cons on what would be appropriate?

A: First, a word about containers, because that is pretty much the only major difference between the models you've mentioned. The BarBoss uses the standard VitaMix container, which is also used on the VitaPrep series and most other models. It holds 64oz and if you go with it, your best bet would be to get the one with the ice blade (VitaMix offers ice, wet and dry blades).

The BarBoss Advance comes with an XP container. It's smaller at 32oz but also wider and has a monster of a blade for crushing ice. It also has no tamper because it doesn't need it and because the machine is made for busy bar settings. That's also why it's electronically programmed, so a bartender can just hit one button and walk away, leaving it to do its thing.

Finally, the TurboBlend has been upgraded. It used to come with the same carafe as the VitaPrep but it now has a new BPA-free container and an improved lid. The blades are the same - it comes with a wet blade by default.

All of the models you mentioned have 2+ peak horsepower and you don't really need the timer feature at home, so I guess your deciding factor is the container. In our opinion, the new TurboBlend is probably your best choice. It costs less than the commercial models and it has a longer warranty (5 years or 7 years depending on the model, versus 3 years for the other models mentioned, which are all commercial units).

Q: What's The Difference Between The Blendtec HP3A And The Blendtec "Total Blender" From Costco Or Sam's Club?

A: For the most part the Blendtec Total Blender and the HP3A are the same blender. They both have the same powerful motor, the same available jars, the same warranty and price. The difference between the two blenders is the control panel and the pre-programmed cycles available.

Both blenders have a up and down speed buttons as well as a pulse button. However, the Total Blender has 6 set pre-program cycles whereas the HP3A has 25 program cycles. The 25 programs on the HP3A include multiple variations of the six programs on the Total Blender as well as additional food processing tasks such as chopping, grinding grain and kneading dough.

Blendtec HP3A touchpad
Blendtec HP3A touchpad
Blendtec Total Blender touchpad
Blendtec Total Blender touchpad